Production Company: Disruptive Media                  Director: Will Ainsworth
I was on set for a total of 24 hours over this 2 day shoot which took place at the Tape Club in Soho.
McDonald's "Give into Bacon" 2019 Campaign
Production Company: Agile Films                    Director: Simon Willows
A short advert for McDonald's promoting their bacon sandwiches. During production I:
- Prepared drinks and took care of general tasks for the crew.
- Helped set up equipment at the start of the shoot and took it down at the end as well as in between shots and takes.
ENVY POST Runner Work Placement
Production Company: Envy Post Production
Work Placement at ENVY's facilities in Soho. I worked to keep their facilities tidy, transport vital equipment and tapes and well as take care of general tasks for clients there.
Merseyside Emergency Services RTC Film
Production Company: Periscope Productions                    Director: Jonathan Dawes
This short film was developed to train emergency service workers on how to work with each other in the event of a collision on a highway. As runner, I help the director and crew out with general tasks on set such as make tea and helping set up shots.
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