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FILM: Showreels
A record of my past showreels, to show how far I have come in my craft over the years. ROLES IN THIS PROJECT: - Editor - Camera Operator
November, 2018
FILM: EMMY: Socially Awkward Music Video
Liverpool born comedian Emmy Fyles beautifully (and amusingly) captures the essence of social awkwardness through this delightful parody of Lorde's 2013 hit, "Royals". ROLE IN THIS PROJECT: - Camera Operator - Editor - Co-Director
July, 2019
A short scene adapted for screen from Simon Warne's award winning one-act play; 'Bed'. Featuring Melanie Fullbrooke as Karen and Tom Lincoln as John. ROLE IN THIS PROJECT: - Editor
May, 2019
FILM: Runner Experience
This page shows my experience on set as a runner. Please note, I may not have the final product available to watch as some projects may not be ready yet or the product may not be available to the public.
April, 2019
FILM: Custom Trailers
These are trailers for existing films that I have created myself, based on footage from the film, to create my own version of the film to entice people to come watch the film. ROLE IN THIS PROJECT: - Editor
September, 2018
FILM: Formby Pool Tutorials
Filmed, edited and recorded audio for a group of training videos for a local wellness centre. ROLES IN THIS PROJECT: - Director - Editor - Camera Operator
June, 2018
FILM: Anne Desmet RA: Into the Blue
This is a film commissioned by Anne Desmet RA to showcase some of her work at exhibitions and to enter certain film festivals. ROLES IN THIS PROJECT: - Animator - Post Production
June, 2018
FILM/MUSIC: "The Deer Hunter" Music Video
This is a music video I shot and edited for a song I composed and recorded for my music project, Monohaze. The song has lyrics, which you can read on this page. ROLES IN THIS PROJECT: - Director - Editor - Camera Operator - Music Composer/Producer - Instrumental Performer
January, 2018
FILM: Well Sefton: Living Well Mentors
I was commisioned to make a short information video on the Well Sefton scheme and the worker at a local practice in the Liverpool borough, Emma. ROLES IN THIS PROJECT: - Director - Editor - Camera Operator
December, 2017
FILM: To Fall With Style
Jonathan Halstead and Mark Harrah are two keen amateur paragliders with over 40 years of experience between them. To Fall with Style follows the two as they enthuse about their passion and how they came to fall in love with the sport. ROLES IN THIS PROJECT: - Director - Editor - Camera Operator
September, 2016
FILM: Peter K Rollings: A Sonic Odyssey
A short, ten-minute documentary about the Lincoln based musician, Peter K Rollings. Rollings is known in the community for making his own instruments from scrap materials to create a unique sound for his project; 'Experimental Sonic Machines'. ROLE IN THIS PROJECT: - Director
December, 2015
FILM: Rysp Promo
Promotion video for the naturally flavoured 100% rye sourdough crisp. ROLES IN THIS PROJECT: - Director - Editor - Camera Operator
August, 2015
FILM: Out There
Made as part of a University Brief. The aim was to make an (exactly) 20-second intro for a television series. We were given the name of the show and starring cast names, but other than that, we were given free reign over what the intro contained. Inspired by the game series, Mech Warriors, I decided to make blueprints of my own mechs fighting each other. I was given a 1st for this project. Song used: manipulated version of Brennisteinn by Sigur Rós ROLES IN THIS PROJECT: - Director - Editor - Animator
December, 2014
FILM: Older Films
Here are a few examples of my work I made for my old YouTube channel. PLEASE NOTE: this is simply to show my development of skill as a filmmaker. These films are several years old and as a result, may not be representative of my current level of skill as a filmmaker. ROLES IN THESE PROJECTS: - Director - Editor - Camera Operator
February, 2015
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